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My fellow Initiates and those that wish to be and those that want to follow the light – This message is my thoughts on the recent message from the Illuminati

Wealth & Success – Fame & Prestige –

Let’s discuss the second pair first….  If you have read the First Testament, then you would know that the Illuminati nor any of the Officials and Ranking members are not after “Fame & Prestige” – it states right in the book that their names will never be seen in any history books, that they have been in the shadows for centuries helping the Human Species – Always Watching Out for You –

So it is very safe to say that if you are here for Fame, Glory, and being in the spot light, you are in the WRONG place – we work for a cause that is greater than anyone can imagine – The Universal Design and all the pieces within (which you are part of)….  So one must think for a moment and ask yourself… Why are you doing this – is it for your 15 minutes of FAME or are you really wanting to make a difference in this world that NO ONE is going to thank you for…. ???  Think about that for a bit….

Wealth & Success – these two go so well together but one might not achieve both at the same time – Success is the Grading system we have as adults in our lives – One can have Wealth but yet never do anything that would amount to anything. A person can be very successful in a project they were working on, or a goal they set for themselves and so one…..  

Wealth – this is a funny word because if you ask 10 people if they are wealthy and I can bet 8 out of 10 will say NO… yet they are so WRONG – Wealth is the things you gain thru your life that means something to you or have a certain value, not always monetary either…  Having good health to a person that is sickly would be a wealth that the sickly would say you have – Having a room full of Children and Grand Children is of value to a person that has no family and is alone – Having 3 meals and a bed to sleep in and a roof over your head is of great value to a person that lives on the street…..

So let me recap the situation – We are not after Fame, Glory & Prestige – We are after Knowledge and to be successful and we must always measure our Wealth by what we have in our lives not what we have in the bank…. 

From the Mind of Papa Fred