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Symbols of the Illuminati


My Fellow Initiates of the Illuminati and those that are studying the current message from the Illuminati about the “Symbols of the Illuminati” ……….   The following is my conjecture of what the symbols mean..

The Symbols I have at the top of this message are those that I feel would be used to tell a story about – Papa Fred – what he is all about and where he stands on almost everything in his life as it is currently…. but then there are other symbols that can be used to describe other things and other people…  or other situation.

Much like I did above, I believe that when the illuminati does contact you it will be in symbols or just an acknowledgement that they personalize just for you – Much like the sign they sent to me over a year ago, but that is another story in itself… 

While in the USAF I went to college to study maps and charts to learn all the things you can find in these maps – but the first thing that they teach you is that Maps & Charts use specialized symbols and we had to learn these before we could possible read the Maps & Charts –

You also must know that each symbol has its own value and that the order in which you place them would be telling a story as well or it could be randomly arranged – this is where your thought process has to take over and put thought to paper ….  Write out what you think it means – what does this message above tell you about me – or is this a way for me to tell others how I see myself – No one said this stuff was going to be easy to understand, like it is said in the First Testament ( Many will read the words & dismiss them quickly ) – So what I am saying is, that not everyone is going to understand what these symbols mean or understand what they represent –

The message gives a Description of each symbol and there is 2 or 3 different properties of each symbols – So above am I saying using just the first three symbols –

Am  I saying:  I am Successful, I have victories, I am secret …..   or…….  

Am I saying I am Wealthy, I have Accomplishments, I can be trusted…….  Or….

Any combination where in….?

Hmmmmmmm…..  that is a lot to comprehend – Again – No one said this was going to be easy & not everyone will understand – BUT – I do believe all can learn, if the desire to learn is burning within – If your inner light yearns to glow brighter with knowledge…..

I can say with a certain degree of certainties that this is just the beginning of the symbols that we will need to learn and fully understand – so when we are given our map, we will be able to read and understand the path we have to take and what our mission will be….

Iam Papa Fred