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The Member’s Portal


Hello to all of you followers of the light, to the Illuminati’s “Member’s Portal” Even thou the Community Closed for upgrade many months ago, there have been more and more coming to the Member’s Portal, to Social Media Site from the Illuminati and Initiates that have made their own Social Media Sites and involved in the Illuminati’s Outreach Mission – There is iMark Radio – there are several sites on Facebook run by some of the initial 11K that was part of the first to enter the Member’s Portal, which I was one of them – I entered it on 22 Jul 2017, I had already purchased my First Testament, first time I read it was Oct 2016 –

We are hoping that the Community opens soon, so we can interact with other Initiates and gain knowledge or give knowledge to others.  But wait… for some of you, have no idea about it because you have yet to be to the Community… let me fill you in on the Do’s and to avoid the Don’ts ….

When it opens there are several different, we will call them rooms, when there are several topic’s (messages) that other initiates have started and even once in a while the DEV Dept – You can also stat one yourself by going to the bottom of that first page and you will find where you can start a Topic –

I want to start with the Don’ts – You cannot treat others in a mean, disrespectful, or vulgar way…  You cannot use radical slurs, make threats and all that… but wait a minute – you are a person that wants to follow the light and help others so you should know what to do and what not to do when writing a message – The end result of lowering ones standards to the gutter will get the attention of the DEV Team – this is a group that fixes the Website and monitors the users and removes those that act like children.… there is also agents that are within, that will message you and you will have no idea they are an agent or not – you are always being watch by many different people all at the same time – Think about it “We are always watching out for you” seen that statement before…?  Basically if you act like an adult and a leader there should be no problems.

The Do’s is easy… if you want to learn something read what others are writing that is of interest – share your knowledge – everyone has something they can teach me, no matter where they are from or what their status is in life or any of that… we ALL are a part of the Universal Design.  Read what Topic interest you and reply to them if you feel compelled to ….  What we must keep in mind is that there is people from all over the world and you have to take what they write and not react to it until you fully understand it – many issues will arise when people misunderstand the message the other was trying to express – when I say it made me have a cow…. A person somewhere in this world will misunderstand and think I gave birth to a cow… funny but it happens – so read the message and reply with calm and understanding, not emotion driven anger over a misunderstanding….

Also – there are going to be those that will come to the Member’s Portal to do nothing but to cause Chaos – these could be agent trying to test you and gauge your reply to an outrageous comment – you don’t have to reply but if you do control your emotions and answer with your light.  Or they could just be complete asses….

It is a great place to chat and learn from people from around the world, with the interest of being part of the Illuminati and I am here to tell you one thing…. If you live your life using the ideals of the Illuminati, and you have taken the Oath, you are a Citizen of the Illuminati… If you are in the Member’s Portal you are an Initiate of the Illuminati for consideration of being verified, Like Sister V, or being a Racking Member – No matter what you goal is or what it is that you feel you want to do for the Illuminati, you are a part of the Universal Design and you are here for a reason, you followed a map, you let your inner light guide you to this very place in time to be wanting to be a part of the Great Illuminati.

I hope you stay on your path to Enlightenment, there are many sources that you have that will help you, there is the Illuminati’s Official WebSite and information there that is very inspiring, there is iMark that spreads the light of the Illuminati, there is C22 that helps others and can be a test area for you to show what you have as a leader – there is APEX Council, that will help answer questions, we are Mentors for those that ask,  and we help other groups if they need it.. 

So that is a quick look at what is ahead of you and the fun it is to learn from others and to show the Illuminati what you are all about – do not put up a false front…be yourself, because it will come out in time, so why not introduce yourself right off the bat – if you are still trying to find yourself we have others here that can help you…all you need to do is ask – unless it is for money… don’t ask for it because no one is going to give you any….so…..just don’t….

May the light find you and enlighten you all

Papa Fred