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Fellow Followers of the Light –


Good day my Initiates of the Illuminati – I know it has been some time but computer issues, taking care of my health and Gaining Knowledge…also a bit of work….lol I am going to keep better in touch and help those with Enlightenment – If there is a topic that any wants me to touch on – please let me know – Right now I want to make sure you all realize that in the past few weeks the Illuminati has been sending out a lot of messages – more in the last 5 weeks than in the pervious 11 months – this means something – The Illuminati is trying to get you ready for the next step in the Global Agenda – Something to think about – why would they keep putting this out there – kind of like in WWII when the US Air Corp would drop pamphlets letting the people know that the US Army was coming – I think this is the same thing…  So take the time to read what the Illuminati sent you….study it….and know it… it is VERY important

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Initiates & future Initiates



Illuminati Initiates and those that are working toward this goal.  I wanted to discuss the Light and the Purpose –

First I just wanted to say that in the past month, many of our Brother’s and Sister’s, to include my wife, has suffered a loss of a Family member… This is indeed sad, but for some, it was even sadder because the Light was taken away at a young age. Whereas, with my Wife’s Sister, it was a long life.  But one still wonders if these person’s that have gone on to the next existence, was able to make their Light shine… Did they help others and make the most of their lives for the time they were here, regardless the length?

This also got me thinking of my remaining days… I did just turn 58, I know that is not incredible old but an 18 year old would call me Grandpa…lol  Even thou I am, it is still kind of funny… But I digress.. I have always vowed, since the day I turned 13 years old that I would work to make my life and those that I love better than they could imagine.  I wanted to be the best I could be while on my path & to help others along the way.. I know that I did exactly what the Illuminati would want me to do, without even knowing what their Ideal where back then… I do what I can, when I can, for as many as I can…

Initiates and future Initiates of the Illuminati – Do your utmost to follow the teaching of the First Testament and other documents on the Official Website that will show you what you are to do and how you are to be toward others and what your mission is – Take the time to help others and follow the Ideals of the Illuminati.. Help others to the light and enlightenment… Make your inner light shine….

Because……….. Tomorrow you may not be on this earth ever again…  Will your light shine long after your body has been laid to rest or is it so dim that no one will notice it gone….?

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