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Fellow Followers of the Light –


Good day my Initiates of the Illuminati – I know it has been some time but computer issues, taking care of my health and Gaining Knowledge…also a bit of work….lol I am going to keep better in touch and help those with Enlightenment – If there is a topic that any wants me to touch on – please let me know – Right now I want to make sure you all realize that in the past few weeks the Illuminati has been sending out a lot of messages – more in the last 5 weeks than in the pervious 11 months – this means something – The Illuminati is trying to get you ready for the next step in the Global Agenda – Something to think about – why would they keep putting this out there – kind of like in WWII when the US Air Corp would drop pamphlets letting the people know that the US Army was coming – I think this is the same thing…  So take the time to read what the Illuminati sent you….study it….and know it… it is VERY important