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My fellow Initiates


Dear Fellow Initiates of the Illuminati, those that are waiting for entry to the Member’s Portal and those that are lost and trying to find their way to the light… to the Illuminati – There is only one way to follow the Illuminati, it is very well laid out for you on the Illuminati’s Official Web Site:

I want to clarify to you, that we are not after Wealth & Fame – we are a Secret Organization and for the most part will remain that way even with the Out Reach Program – Being recognized for your efforts isn’t our goal or needs – we/you do this because we/you are driven by your inner light, for the signs and symbols that lead you to this point in time – it brought you to read these words, but it will take your brain to read the truth within this message & act upon it.  Our Wealth is in gaining knowledge and sharing that knowledge for other to grow and help others… the seeds of knowledge we plant can grow into great understanding of the light. Our Fame is in private, where we toast to ourselves for our commitment of helping other, but never in public… we, that go that extra step, to help to teach, to mentor, are only after that thrill you experience in helping others in teaching someone and seeing the expression on their face when they get what you were explaining to them..

We at APEX are a small group of Initiates that will have a website for you to contact us with questions you want answers to – to help others on their path  – to mentor is that is what you seek – We are also looking into other ways our group can be of assistance – To help shine the light of enlightenment – to help others toward the Illuminati –

Many things are going to be happening in the near future and we want to be as prepared as possible so we are a help to our fellow Human Species – The Out-Reach Program – The Global Agenda – The Maze of Existence –

So fellow Initiates – what did you do this last summer while the Community in the Portal was down…? 

I hope this helps some to find their way and helps make sense of what is going on, if not – stay tuned, there is more to come from: The Mind of Papa Fred

Papa Fred