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Good Sunday to All

My Fellow Initiates … my Brother’s & Sister’s of enlightenment – I hope you are all well and have helped others on their path to enlightenment everyday –

In a message from Sister V – she was asking why so many groups pages on Facebook and other social media places…… why not one central site for all of us Initiates could go – Well… a GREAT idea but one that would be very difficult to organize – too many ways to start up a new page, by anyone that wants to… I believe that the main point that Sister V was going after, was to Unify, and to make sure correct information gets out to the mass –

My thoughts on this were that it is a great idea…. but if an initiate of the Illuminati and a Citizen of the Illuminati, knows what they need to know, all these sites with wrong information are easy to Identify – For we are to follow the ways and beliefs of the Illuminati and we are a Citizen of the Illuminati – So one would have to know about the rules and what the Illuminati stands for, in order to follow them….I would hope so, or we have a bunch of sheep that we will have to watch over…

To be an Initiate of the Illuminati there is much more required of you – you are to follow the ideas – the rules – you should show loyalty – this doesn’t mean you have to go spend a bunch of money on the latest “New Thing” or necklace or shirt or ring – it is as simple as a person coming up to you and asking if you know anything about the Illuminati – did you say I am busy right now….or did you take the time to explain the facts… NOW that is LOYALTY…..

Getting back to the message Sister V is trying to push… In my opinion, it would be impossible to control the number of site out there – I am member’s with at least 7 of them and one invited me today, and I just joined another one today as well…. My reason is to show loyalty and be part of this great movement – But here is my thought on the number of different sites – I am asking for you to show loyalty and to let us know at the :

If you think a group you have visited is not giving out correct information – If you feel that the site is a fake and is trapping people and trying to scam them – this is how I think we can control the number of site, by making sure the ones that are out there are run by LOYAL member’s of the Illuminati – no matter if they be Citizen’s or Initiates of the Illuminati….. Just my thoughts… Happy Trails my friends

Iam Papa Fred



I am very close to 60 in body age..... but I feel much older in the mind - I am in Construction Management and Travel extensively - I am honored by you that find my words inspiring in your life and that you read my words at all - I have a fault that I can not get rid of - I tell it like it is.... with no BS to cloud the message - I use my real life experiences in a lot of my message - I have traveled a lot (and still do) and seen a lot and WOW - the story's .... I was in the US Air Force but due to what I did in the Military I can't speak of much of it - That is some of me but there is much more.....Iam Papa Fred

10 thoughts on “Good Sunday to All

  1. There is a particular paradox as it pertains to your example of loyalty. If given the choice to ignore/say busy or to explain the facts if one is asked about the Illuminati, your suggestion is to explain the facts rather than ignore, while at the same time people are passing around arbitrary rules as initiates that suggest if a person asks about the Illuminati they are a scammer. The best part is when I made that suggestion to V and my posts are taken down, then people use my ideas while asking simultaenously for participation. I do agree with you though it makes to explain the facts. However, I get inundated by people who blatantly ask me a question that is the opposite when the information is readily available.


    1. Brother – I understand what you are saying and there are many different ways, as you know to show loyalty, I would hope that other Initiates give out the correct information but realize that is not always the case – Yes, if one were to read the First Testament & Other information given by the Illuminati, they would know as much as I do…but sadly as you know, there are a lot of sheep that want to lay there and be spoon feed


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