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What’s Next

Good Day my fellow Brothers and Sisters – Today I want to talk about the people that message me daily about how to join – there are some people that feel that they made it here by finding their way and are tied of others always asking to be “Spoon Feed” and not doing the leg work themselves – I fully understand that because there are plenty that are like that –

I prefer to start out to help them just enough – I send them the Official website to join the Illuminati – that way I know they won’t go to the wrong place first – so many posers out there – Then I will inform them about the First Testament – which I have in digital form…. in many languages too… Some ask me for it – others don’t even see the opportunity and pass it by…. then I back off – I will help them as much as I can but it seems like the next thing they want to do is say “What’s Next” well… If I knew what was coming next I would like to go live in Las Vegas –

Now this is how I see things and how I did it… I started my path at age 13 – that was 45 years ago… WOW… That is when I started to open my third eye and I knew I had a higher purpose than to be very poor and on a Daily Farm (not saying it is a bad thing, but not for me) – I stated researching when I lived in Germany – Something was calling me – as it is stated in the First Testament – the map that will lead you to the Illuminati was left for you to find many many years ago – in Symbols – the accent language – I spent years looking into many different groups and organizations and having easy access to very advanced computers, 20 years before Joe Public knew anything about tech that intense – So it me it is strange for a person not to know anything about the Illuminati before they wanted to be a member – Is it just a fad to them…? some maybe..

So – getting back to the main point… If we were to wait around for “What’s Next” you are not doing what the First Testament tells you to do… you and only you can walk your Path – some may follow you if they think you will lead them to the desired location – but we must all do this self-motivated ….. Wait for what next and you will miss many opportunities to gain many things….knowledge…enlightenment……connecting with others all over the World –

So I think what we need to do is instead of saying or thinking…what’s next….. we go out and create what might just be the next thing… many have… Facebook Pages… Chat sites… iMark Radio… C 22…. Twitter sites – so many things we could DO… not Wait for what’s next… SO are you a Doer….or are you waiting for What’s Next..?

Iam Papa Fred



I am very close to 60 in body age..... but I feel much older in the mind - I am in Construction Management and Travel extensively - I am honored by you that find my words inspiring in your life and that you read my words at all - I have a fault that I can not get rid of - I tell it like it is.... with no BS to cloud the message - I use my real life experiences in a lot of my message - I have traveled a lot (and still do) and seen a lot and WOW - the story's .... I was in the US Air Force but due to what I did in the Military I can't speak of much of it - That is some of me but there is much more.....Iam Papa Fred

2 thoughts on “What’s Next

  1. Dear teacher, your words are more valuable than the jewel. Right, I should plan in our lives and while walking on this road, there should be a light to the society with light should discover ourselves in this process. I believe in design like you. respects

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