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Inspiration Needed

My Family, Friends & Followers of the Light – Enlightenment is just a word until the energy of Knowledge illuminates you – Open your eyes – all three to see your purpose

I watched a motivational speech that Danziel Washington gave to a College Graduates this year – His message was simple – You have to have Dreams – You have to have a plan – you have to take risks – you will fail – WHAT !!!!! – he was preparing those in attendance that you will fail and you will survive it and you must start over and try it again and again…

I am currently pre-packing to move to another location and I am putting my “Stuff” away for now – I travel extensively and I have ‘Stuff” with me – One of these is my “Book of Life” it is a 3 inch binder filled with highlights of the past 30 years – the Massive amount of construction projects – so far 99 projects spread over 37 different States to include the first hotel renovation I Managed that won a Major International Award – As I look at this book I thought back over the speech I heard earlier in the day.

The end result was that if I kept a book of my “failures” I would have many more than the one I carry – In reflection I can see how I took risks – Stated my own construction company… went out on a limb with a career that can be seasonal – made a plan to be at a certain level in this career – and the number of set backs in the past 30 years that could of and would have stopped others without drive…

The one thing I hope the younger take from this is…. If you don’t apply yourself and make a plan of your dreams – they will always be dreams – I have to admit that with all the hardships i went thru to get where I am at – I would do it again – No questions about it – all I went thru made my future and I can tell you that it is now a very blessed existence – but one I had to make happen – it wasn’t handled to me like the WWII surplus food I was in line to get when I was a teenager… How things can change when one applies yourself to making the best out of your life.

This is the ideals of the Illuminati – You need to gain knowledge – you need to apply yourself – to help others – to be enlightened

Iam Papa Fred



I am very close to 60 in body age..... but I feel much older in the mind - I am in Construction Management and Travel extensively - I am honored by you that find my words inspiring in your life and that you read my words at all - I have a fault that I can not get rid of - I tell it like it is.... with no BS to cloud the message - I use my real life experiences in a lot of my message - I have traveled a lot (and still do) and seen a lot and WOW - the story's .... I was in the US Air Force but due to what I did in the Military I can't speak of much of it - That is some of me but there is much more.....Iam Papa Fred

3 thoughts on “Inspiration Needed

  1. Thank you for this enlightening articl. I needed it! Cheers!

    On Sat, Aug 17, 2019 at 9:35 AM Papa Fred’s Desk wrote:

    > papafred2 posted: ” My Family, Friends & Followers of the Light – > Enlightenment is just a word until the energy of Knowledge illuminates you > – Open your eyes – all there to see your purpose I watched a motivational > speech that Danziel Washington gave to a College” >

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  2. Great master. It is happy to benefit from beautiful human experiences and how happy you are to convey information to future generations. We were honored. We don’t always get that chance. It is a great honor to take this chance for myself and go through this experience. What makes moments lasting are the emotions we experience. A unique employee journey that leaves a mark; Your original approach to the heart and brain is very noble. Sharing is one of the most beautiful behaviors in the world. Sharing is an indication of generosity, kindness and helpfulness. Not only about yourself, but about the others. It is good not only to share material, but also to share spirituality. People will continue to need each other in terms of creation. Maybe there’s not enough people. Yes, because a person is very rich, one may not need financial assistance; but no matter how rich he is, he needs someone to share his happiness, joy and sadness. Every human being is a brother. There is nothing better than the feeling of sharing among the brothers. If everyone had the feeling of sharing, there wouldn’t be a hungry, miserable life in the world right now.respects

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    1. Brother I am happy to know you gain from my words – it is what we are to do as we are on our path of enlightenment – we must gain knowledge – also thank you for your kind words as well my friend

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