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Hardships of sorts

My friends and followers of the light – I wanted to say that again, I am sorry for the late posting, but when you work 12 hour days and have to work 7 days a week, it becomes difficult – and that is my topic – Hardships – we all have them and we all suffer them – no matter what your income bracket is or your location on this planet – we all suffer Hardships – The key is to accept that you have to deal with them – not sit and cry over them – Hardships are put in front of you for many reasons, (Yes I believe by design), – it is written that hardships help us learn and grow & I know this for fact… but a person going thru a hardship will disagree until they look back and see how it changed them as a person or altered their lives.

It is only after you have dealt with a hardship can you look back and see its effect on your life and your future – but I can tell you with certainty that you gained knowledge – good or bad – that all depends on how you dealt with the hardship – Did you put your shoulder into it and push forward, or did you cave to the pressure and went the easy way out (which in the long run will cost you more) ….

In my nearly 60 years, I have dealt with a number of hardships in different degrees of hardship and I have found that all hardships are ways of learning and only those that do not see with their third eye would argue that…

I am writing this from my field office, on Saturday… already turned in my 60 hours for this week on my time sheet and found out I have to work Sunday – Some can say that I make more by working more – I do not – I do gain more knowledge each day, which is my reward – So as I reflect on my hardship, isn’t as bad as some out there….. and that is my point… No matter how hard, our hardships may seem they are – they will end – you will learn from them – others will & do have it worse than you ……. with that said, what will you do after your hardship is over… continue on with life or will you help others to avoid the hardship you just had….???

Iam Papa Fred



I am very close to 60 in body age..... but I feel much older in the mind - I am in Construction Management and Travel extensively - I am honored by you that find my words inspiring in your life and that you read my words at all - I have a fault that I can not get rid of - I tell it like it is.... with no BS to cloud the message - I use my real life experiences in a lot of my message - I have traveled a lot (and still do) and seen a lot and WOW - the story's .... I was in the US Air Force but due to what I did in the Military I can't speak of much of it - That is some of me but there is much more.....Iam Papa Fred

3 thoughts on “Hardships of sorts

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