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Choice & Decisions – The message

I first have to say that the following is my interpretation of the message that was sent out by the Illuminati – The first sentence is a thinker – do you go with the crowd or do you stand alone at times…? The message talk of choice and Decisions you make every day of your life – do I turn left or right…? It talks of hardship and the easy way that takes you down a path away from the light – It also brings up again a choice or decision you make when you have hardships and how you handle them – Near the end of the message it reminds us that we pay the price of being responsible for your own choices – going along with the crowd is just an excuss…. be well my friends

Iam Papa Fred



I am very close to 60 in body age..... but I feel much older in the mind - I am in Construction Management and Travel extensively - I am honored by you that find my words inspiring in your life and that you read my words at all - I have a fault that I can not get rid of - I tell it like it is.... with no BS to cloud the message - I use my real life experiences in a lot of my message - I have traveled a lot (and still do) and seen a lot and WOW - the story's .... I was in the US Air Force but due to what I did in the Military I can't speak of much of it - That is some of me but there is much more.....Iam Papa Fred

4 thoughts on “Choice & Decisions – The message

    1. Thank you for your kind words and I am honored that my word inspire you so much that you share them with others – A legacy I am proud to have is that I have inspired others in a positive way that helps them in their walk on their path to enlightenment

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  1. Dear teacher and comrade. I’d like to talk about it before I start my words. Your words give us wisdom and courage. It is a great honor to walk on the same road and destination. I’m happy for him. And I’m very lucky. Too much time to live. Because fascism is afraid of light and light. It is better to die as a freedom fighter than to live as a slave. We all have a bright and dark side. The important thing is which one we choose. Pen is the perfect weapon to overthrow the darkness and open the doors of a bright age.

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