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The Death of a Holiday

 The Death of a Holiday


Fellow Initiates and seekers of the Light and Enlightenment – Today I am writing about the death of an American Holiday, call Thanksgiving – Over the past 58 years I have been witness to the slow death of a Holiday that only asks of you to remember and give thanks – Interesting if you think about it for a minute or 2 – the TV shows the commercials showing the family sitting around a big table with lots to eat –

So how many actually saw a commercial about Thanksgiving..? How many remember the last time you sat at a large table with family and talked, not texting, to one another ? – The world, thru computers, has become a smaller place… Yet we are more alone than you think – the interaction of people to people not devise to devise –

Seems that since we are so spread out over the world, our family & friends that is, that having quality time face to face has become a luxury and not the norm – we have busy lives and do so many important things to keep this world turning –

Let us not forget the purpose that we are here for – the reason we are here as Initiates of the Illuminati – it is not for Fame & Glory, yet so many still ask for the wealth, yet they do not realize that Knowledge is the true wealth – We are blinded by the “Must Have” things and we can’t see what we truly need and that is to help one another –

I head on the Radio that if you go a do a random act of Kindness in a public place, the odds are that someone will see you do this and it starts an infectious outbreak of caring…… OMG – say it isn’t so… So if I go and help this person pick up the items they dropped, that means someone will perform a random act of kindness because they saw me do it… Now that is imitation I just love…. I am all for doing your own thing and being you, but if I can do a kind act and you see it and play it forward, that is a great feeling –

Now getting back to the death of a Holiday – is it because there isn’t any gift giving or rather getting… is it because there isn’t a shopping center for turkey’s or is it just one of those Holidays that get forgotten because it show you care…???

As we get closer to the Christmas/New Year’s Holidays, I would like to you all to keep something in the back of your mind as you navigate the roads to “Give me…give me” …  It isn’t all about getting what you want…..


From the Mind of Papa Fred

Spread the light of Enlightenment


Papa Fred



The Illuminati calls me Princess. I am a 'verified' part of the Illuminati's living history & Level 1.1 Initiate. I help folks find & follow the Light~ V~ *I am also the Web Master for: iMARK Radio, Council 22, Apex Advisory Board & Papa Fred's Desk~

2 thoughts on “The Death of a Holiday

  1. It is a shame what society has come to.
    We are slowly seeing all our holidays striped from our past and the future. Changes need to be made. Drastic changes.


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